"Clearing Brush" (August 14-28)

Right about now, the President usually goes to his ranch in Texas, kicks back, and "clears brush" for a little while each day.  And for the next couple of weeks, I aim to do the same -- except for the Texas part and the brush-clearing, of course. 

I'm so appreciative of all of you who are dedicated and engaged enough to read the site, share information, and comment.  It's been an amazing first eight months, and I'm looking forward to even bigger and better things (more posts, more things to comment on) when the site starts up again on the 28th. 

In the meantime, you can check the left of the page for the latest news about CPS, and a slew of links to keep you occupied. (Or, as always, reach me at Alexander RussoRusso@gmail.com with anything urgent or personal.)

UPDATE:  A number of folks have asked about whether they can keep commenting, and the answer is YES.  The comments sections will remain open (unless things get really unruly), and you can now check out who's made the latest comments (and about what) over on the left sidebar, just above the Donors Choose thing. 

It's called "Recent Comments" and is a good reason to comment and to come up with a good nickname for yourself instead of being just another anonymous commenter (or being referred to by the time of your post).  Have fun.

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