City Divides Unions To Conquor Them

Mayor reaches labor peace with trade unions Crain's
Surrounded by grinning labor leaders, Mayor Richard M. Daley on Tuesday announced an unprecedented 10-year contract with city
building trade unions that will last until after — and may help the
city attract — the proposed 2016 Summer Olympics.

Schools, 6 unions reach agreements Tribune
Chicago Public Schools has reached agreements
with six labor unions, boosting the salaries of 8000 school system
employees by nearly 17 percent over the ...

Non-teaching employees reach deal with CPS Chicago Sun-Times
He noted that Chicago Public Schools spend 40 fewer days in the classroom than their counterparts in New York City — and only 30-hours-a-week in school. ...

Daley not backing off 'prevailing wage' pact Chicago Sun-Times
The divide-and-conquer strategy puts pressure on the Chicago Teachers Union, which has not yet come to terms and must if schools are to open on time.

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