CICS Longwood Charter Parent Considers Ray, Black, and Lenhart -- But Can't Get Good Information & Doesn't Like What She Reads On This Blog. What Should She Do?

A parent wrote in recently saying that, after sending her academically able daughter to CICS Longwood for several years she's considering a district school. However, she's been reading this blog and is understandably hesitant. 

She's considering Ray Elementary in Hyde Park, which is not in her area, or Robert A. Black.  Her attendance zone school is Hoyne, but she says it's "rating" isn't good and so that's not an option.She's also heard Lenhart's gifted program is good.

Part of her reasoning has to do with the expenses of transportation.But she says she
says she can't find ISAT info to compare charter and district schools,
and that her attempts to get help from the Charter Foundation (?) have
been unsuccessful.

"I just want to make sure I have her in an environment that
will be beneficial for her so I'm scared to move her but gas prices are
killing me -- not to mention the commute."

What do you think?  Anyone know how to get get comparable charter ISAT info, or know anything useful about Longwood, Ray, Black, or Lenhart?

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  • If the child generally scores at or above the 90th percentile on standardized tests, the parent should consider having the child tested through the CPS gifted office (773-553-2699) to see if he/she qualifies for a gifted placement which includes transportation.

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