Chicago Vs. Philadelphia

Comparisons between urban districts are difficult for many reasons -- including the fact that Philadelphia doesn't partcipate in the NAEP urban districts pilot like Chicago. 

But there are some ways of doing it.  For example, a friend recently sent me some charts comparing CPS and the School District of Philadelphia on reading and math.

School reform isn't a horserace, I know, but still this doesn't look great. 


In both cases, it looks like CPS is flat or worse, while Philadelphia is making big strides. 

If this data is right, and the comparison is a reasonable one, then the
Board of Education might need to think again about doing some of the
things that Philadelphia does (like a uniform curriculum) that CPS has
thus far not tried.

The CPS data in red is based on ITBS results.  The SDP data in blue is
based on Terra Nova, another standardized nationally-normed assessment.

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