Chicago Votes "Yes!"

Site_visits0607_2...for this blog, District 299, the Chicago schools blog, that is.

  As you can see from the little chart preseented here, readers and page views have continued to grow last year (the second for this site), even over the summer when everyone was theoretically on summer vacation.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!  I feel like this site is not only fun but helpful, and that it's largely because of you, the readers and commenters, who keep things lively. 

Next up:  Engaging more parents and students with a MySpace mirror version of this site and new places to discuss individual schools throughout the year.

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  • 10:03,


    "Reasons for Reductions in Force of Bargaining unit PSRP Employees:

    (5)privatization contracts with third parties"

    Reduction in force is a legal term that refers to a specific scenario. Here's a good example of what that term means:

    A reduction in force "occurs when business considerations cause an employer to eliminate one or more positions within the company. -->An employee is not eliminated as part of a work force reduction when he or she is replaced after his or her discharge."

    There's a little more to it, but that's the basic definition. According to precedent and case law a PSRP can not be fired and replaced by a privatized worker.

    Smoking gun? Hardly.

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