Chicago Blogs Divided on Virtual School

Two different takes on CPS's virtual school proposal from Chicago's two main blogs -- one (Chicagoist) mocking the notion that online learning can work or is good for you, the other (Gapers Block) sounding sorta proud.  It's like the Sun Times and the Tribune of the online world. 

CPS Takes the Blue Pill Chicagoist
"Up to 600 K-8 students will get
a computer and a packet of course materials so they can login to school
every day and avoid all that icky social interaction...Call us old-fashioned but we
thought that's why we pay all that tax money for special education
programs. Also, isn't the biggest part of grade school really
socializing the children?...Instead, CPS wants to
park kids in front of the otherworldly glow of the Matrix all day."

Virtual Insanity Gapers Block
"Yesterday, The Chicago Board of Education approved creation of The Chicago Virtual Charter School.  The school would serve 600 students from grades K-8 via computer.  Illinois would join 12 states, including California, Kansas and Alaska, if the Illinois State Board of Education also approves the virtual school's proposal."

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