Chicago And New York City

A few folks have asked me to compare Chicago and NYC school systems, and even though I am much less familiar with New York than Chicago (and many of you are more expert in Chicago than I am) there are a couple of obvious things.

Some of the small things you notice include that everyone calls schools
here by their number (ie, PS 9), not by their name (ie, Bergen
School).  They call their AIOs "region superintendents."  And the kids
aren't out on the street until later in the day cuz the school day is

UPDATE:  On Wednesday, NYC Mayor Bloomberg announced a series of additional changes for the NYC schools.

Other differences include that New York's student population is still
15 percent white, which sounds
like not much different than CPS's 9 percent but seems to make a
difference in terms of how folks think about the schools (and may
affect the results as well). NYC's scores are generally higher, at
least according to the urban NAEP studies.

As we've been discussing below, Chicago has LSCs, while NYC gave up
its community school district setup a few years ago.  However, NYC
schools have a fulltime parent coordinator in each school, which is
pretty amazing.  (I wonder how many folks would rather have a good
parent coordinator or two than a middling LLT, for example.)

New York is much newer to mayoral control, and sometimes reminds me
of what the early Vallas years were supposed to be like in terms of
energy and talent (and hype).  Not that the hype has diminished much,
of course.  Both cities are or have been run by non-educators -- in New
York's case it's former prosecutor Joel Klein.  Both cities aren't
getting enough state funding, though the fight is more legal than
legislative in New York.

Both cities have a charter school cap that's an issue, but NYC has a
union-run charter which is really interesting.  Chicago has the
Consortium, though NYC is thinking about creating a similar entity.  Chicago has Catalyst, while NY has  I
think but don't know for certain that there's a much more centralized
curriculum for elementary schools especially, though NYC like Chicago
has an AAMPS type of thing. 

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