Checking Out The New Catalyst

No surprise, the first thing to catch my eye is the wonkiest of the stories: Top schools grow less diverse. "The biggest drops are in the highest performing schools—Young, Jones, Lane, Payton and Northside—where the black student population has declined by 10 percent since 2000." As always, I love the neighborhoods stories (and the maps!). This one is about Albany Park (Albany Park: A legacy under pressure), and includes an update on the ASPIRA- Haugan thing. What did I learn from Comings and Goings? There are some new Broad Fellows at the Board to do their evil work. Vivian Loseth won an award. Michael Lach has changed to a new job. And more - contracts and all of that stuff. Also as usual, the cover package -- a series of stories on middle school interventions (Building up the middle) -- seems the least engaging part. I want them to be doing more sexy, investigative things -- digging deep, mucking around, posting secret documents -- in a balanced way, of course. Or more embededed school-level reporting. But that's just me.

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