Charters Vs. District Schools...Right Before School Starts

At the same time CPS is trying to get the year started smoothly and the debate rages nationally among researchers and advocates whether charters are any better than regular district schools once you control for income, parental education, etc., the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) today released a new report that shows "Chicago charter public schools are outpacing neighboring traditional public schools on a wide array of academic benchmarks, including higher combined marks in reading, science and math ability across the board."

Link: Chicago
Charter Public Schools Outpacing Neighboring Traditional Public Schools

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  • This report came out a few days ago and was posted on Yahoo news. It was not done by INCS but by CPS itself. Perhaps they thought it would look more "objective" if the report was released by someone other than their own Communications office, but in any case,the report is based on the same fuzzy internal gestimation they use every year to deternine that CPS charter schools outperform the "nearby" schools charter students would "probably" have attended.

    Unlike the national studies, the CPS report does not make any adjustment for demographic differences, yet CPS charters serve fewer low-income, special education and limited-English proficient students.

    Let's continue to hold our applause.

  • Disillusioned, the data showing that CPS charters serve fewer at-risk students is in the charter report itself. And the national studies comparing charters with traditional public schools (including those from the U. S. Department of Education) overwhelmingly report the same results - that charters perform either just about the same or less well than regular public schools.

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