Charters & Unions Confab August 15

This could be really good, folks, if you're interested in charters and unionization (two not necessarily contradictory ideas).  The event next week is being put on by Catalyst, the Small Schools Workshop, and National-Louis.  CTU's Marilyn S. is supposed to be there, along with Jo Anderson of IEA. 

The Small Schools Workshop, National-Louis University & Catalyst Chicago present:

Unions Organizing Charter School Teachers

A conversation with charter school activist Steve Barr and union leaders Marilyn Stewart and Jo Anderson





union bosses start patrolling their hallways, that’ll be the death
knell of charters, as it has been for public schools." --Charter school
advocate Clint Bolick

could have and probably should have organized the Green Dot
schools...They started with one charter school, now have 10, and in
short order they’ll have 20 schools in Los Angeles, with all the teachers paying dues to a different union. And that’s a problem.”--UTLA President A.J. Duffy


In Los
Angeles Steve Barr founded the Green Dot Public Schools, which
currently operate 10 high-performing, unionized public charter high
schools. They are about to start a new high school in New York in
collaboration with the UFT and its president, Randi Weingarten.
Is Chicago next? How will local unions respond?

Small Schools Workshop's Michael Klonsky will moderate a panel
discussion with Green Dot CEO Steve Barr, CTU President Marilyn
Stewart, and IEA Executive Director Jo Anderson, exploring the role of
teacher unions in charter schools in Chicago and other Illinois

           Wednesday, August 15th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

   Nationall-Louis University downtown campus, 122 S.

                 Michigan Avenue, 2nd floor Atrium


               This event is free of charge and open to the public. 

For additional information:

Call: 773-384-1030

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  • Thanks for the plug Alexander Russo. Stewart and Anderson will both be there as will other interesting union and charter folks to take part in the audience discussion. Should be lively Hope you can make it.

  • That really does look interesting.

    I believe CTU needs to emphasize that its only real problem with charters in Chicago is the fact that they are non-union.

    Anyway...I plan on attending.

  • we've gotta be carefull, if its a company union, like green dot appears to be, then allowing in the trojan horse will be a definitive loss of power for teachers.

  • Jackson,

    Forgive my ignorance - what do you mean by 'a company union'?

    In my last post I should have said that the only real problem I have with charters in Chicago is the fact that they are *non-CTU* as opposed to merely non-union. I certainly don't want 29,000 teachers represented by 17 different unions. Perhaps that's part of what you were getting at?

  • that's part of what im getting at, if AFT is already organizing the Charters -- as they've started to do here, in New York and some minor attempts in smaller cities -- then it seems to me an important concern that Green Dot isn't working directly with them on the West Coast. It may be a moot point, since AFT appears to be following New Yorks lead more on this issue as of late, but it's something teachers should watch out for.

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