Charter Teachers At CICS Vote To Unionize

We heard rumblings about this before, and Catalyst now says that it's starting to happen here just like it's happening -- sort of -- in New York:

"About three-quarters of the 115 teachers at the Chicago

International Northtown Academy, Wrightwood and Ralph Ellison campuses

have filed for representation rights with the Illinois Educational

Labor Relations Board." (Union organizes teachers at 3 charter schools)

Meanwhile, I hear that folks from the Talent Development/SEIU "thin contract" folks were out in LA looking at Green Dot charter schools, which are also unionized.

What do you think? Is this a positive development, a distraction, or the wave of the future? Some of the folks who were trying to unionize the KIPP school in Brooklyn are having second thoughts, I'm told, thinking that maybe they can get theirs without having to wear a UFT pin around alla time.

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