Charter School Replications

Perspectives, Noble Street, AUSL -- the Board and the press has their favorites (just like any classroom teacher, and is trying like mad to replicate them as many times as possible (it also helps with keeping under the charter cap). 

"Between August and today, 14 new Chicago public schools opened. Half are replicating existing charter schools, including several launched by sheer will by charismatic leaders like Milkie," according to this Sun Times opener (When it comes to charter schools, copying is allowed."). "Milkie, a former Wells High math teacher, started the Noble Street Charter School with his wife, also a teacher, in 1999. Milkie's two new schools are modeled after Noble Street."

Again, I wonder though about where the honest skepticism is in these stories, and at the Board.  Have all of these replications panned out? Is it not allowed to say that most but not all of them work?  I know at least one KIPP school fell through, and think that some Big Picture model schools struggled.  See also Sherman story below.

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