Charter Guru Greg Richmond Tells How To Close Bad Charters

Former CPS charter schools guru Greg Richmond has been working hard at his "new" job as head of NACSA, including filing various field reports about charter authorizing issues nationwide and in Chicago.  Meanwhile, rumors abound that the office Richmond left is struggling internally.

This month's is about the challenges of closing low-performing charter schools (PDF):

"School closures, or the lack thereof, have dominated many recent
charter school conversations and conferences. Many charter advocates
now view the failure to close lowperforming charter schools as a major
problem," states Richmond.  "In Texas, pro-charter legislators even
advanced a bill last spring that would have closed every charter school
in the state and then re-opened only those with test scores above a
certain threshold."

Closing charters hasn't seemed like a big problem in Chicago, but
then again charters in Chicago aren't independent of the district like
charters in the rest of the country.

What has seemed to be a problem here is staffing that
Ren10/charter/small schools office since Greg left.  Rumor has it
people are being moved around, Hosanna's unhappy, etc.  If you know any
more, let me know.

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