Charges, Counter-Charges

Wanta hear how the CTU executive committee decided to bring charges against Dallas -- but not Stewart? I got my hands on the transcript of the meeting, which was held late last month and gives some fascinating insights into how confused and chaotic and -- some would say unfair -- the process has been (Part 1 PDF Part 2 PDF).

Reading through the document, you'll see that Dallas has to fight hard to make sure that members outside the executive committee aren't allowed to stay in the room, that only one of Dallas's two witnesses is present (Kugler), and that Stewart is given time to rebut the charges against her but Dallas is not given the same opportunity. It's also clear that Dallas' charges against Stewart are less well-documented and clear during the meeting.

Take a look and tell us what you think -- or if you were there, tell us what it was really like to be in the room.

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