Changes To This Site, Big And Small

CommentsThere are some big changes coming to this site, perhaps within a few weeks, but in the meantime one small one:  As of a day or so ago, the comments appear with the newest ones first -- just like the blog posts show up. 

No more scrolling through a long post to see if there's anything new.  Or at least that's the idea.   Feel free to comment, pro or con, if you think it makes a big difference or if you have any other ideas about how to make the site better. 

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  • I prefer the old method. I would rather follow the thread down than read what three people ago wrote and then scroll up to see what is next.

  • I think I just found the change over to be startling. I thought maybe your software had a bug in it or something when a long thread from last year had Oct 2006 & Oct 2007 posts right next to each other. It seems as though at first, and maybe it's still like that, only new posts to old threads were on top while the older posts were still in the other order. That I found confusing. But going forward this is fine with me. It's your blog after all!

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