Changes Starting Thursday (11-01)

November_2007_murder_mystery_scheduJust so you know, this site is going to have a new home starting on Thursday.  I want to give you a couple of days to get ready.  There will still be open commenting, and the site will still be independent editorially -- I criticize pretty much everyone and everything, as you know. 

What will be different is that the site will be affiliated with -- but not controlled by -- another organization to be named soon, and I will (finally) get a little bit of Diet Coke money for the time it takes to post stories, monitor comments, add fun new functions, and call around once in a while for tidbits and gossip. 

But, I repeat, the content is still going to be entirely mine, for better or worse.  Your comments and contributions are still going to be yours.  So don't get all paranoid on me.  Or if you do, do so while reading the site and writing to tell us all about it. 

Thanks as always for making this blog one of the most interesting (and fun) things I've done in recent memory.  Onward and upward.

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