Chancery (IMPACT) Problems In Houston

"Just three months into the academic year, the Houston school
district has racked up nearly $600,000 in overtime expenses and
countless hours of lost teacher productivity because of problems with
new student information software that cost $18.4 million," according to this story (Houston's software system gets an F for frustration).  "Houston's launch of Pearson School Systems' Chancery software has
been troubled since August, when thousands of student schedules weren't
done in time for the start of school. The roughly 14,000 HISD employees
who use the software have also struggled to record daily attendance,
create progress reports and issue report cards."

I've heard so much about Chancery and IMPACT but never actually seen someone trying to use it.  Any updates on how the IMPACT pilot schools are doing, or how the system is to use?

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