CEP Report Details Impacts Of NCLB

The Center on

Education Policy (CEP) has just released a new report on how teachers and

school administrators in Illinois have responded to No Child Left

Behind and state accountability policies.

According to the press release, elementaries are more affected by NCLB than high schools, and some of the effects include curriculum narrowing, test preparation.

"Using findings from formal classroom

observations and more than 150 interviews in a sample of six different

schools, the report sheds new light on how teachers and administrators

have responded to federal and state education policies.


study also found that teachers in schools identified for improvement

under NCLB were less likely than those in higher-achieving schools to

use a wider range of instructional practices, such as hands-on

activities, student seat work, reading aloud, and learning centers.

However, teachers in these identified schools were more likely than

those in higher-achieving schools to model how to solve problems and

oversee small-group instruction.

As with other CEP reports, it's important to note that the findings are based in large part on the reports of teachers and administrators, whose assessments of the effects of NCLB may not be complete or accurate.

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