Catching Up With Substance

I still don't have a great way to keep up with Substance like I track
other websites -- RSS feed, anyone? -- but that doesn't mean that
there's not lots of interesting stuff going on over there if you're
willing to sift out the editorializing from the straight reporting.  Some recent
articles include:

Huberman's assistants meet with teachers from three elementary schools

teachers [from Fields, Prescott, and Gunzalus] met with Drew Beres, who came to CPS with Huberman, or Rachel
Resnik, who has long served in the system's labor relations office.

The last days of De La Cruz

with this series of letters, Substance will present first person
narratives from teachers, students and others from the Chicago schools
that were closed at the end of the 2008-2009 school year.

Local School Council
meeting hides from public for second month in a row

the most memorable sight during Tuesday's (June 9, 2009) spirited
protest at Chicago's Prescott Elementary School against their
tyrannical principal was what almost nobody saw.

You'll also find some familiar commenters, though Substance
publisher Schmidt, a longtime opponent of anonymous reader comments,
requires an email before you can post a response. The tyrant :-)

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