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Pension fund deferral a bad idea for schools
"It's no mystery why Mr. Duncan wants to skip the pension payment. A
looming budget deficit of $328 million for fiscal 2007 forced him to
threaten cuts in programs ranging from magnet school busing to special
education. But it will only make next year's crisis worse, and the following
year's worse still, and so on. Mr. Duncan himself acknowledged that the
pension obligation could pass $200 million by 2010."

Gates Foundation grants $960K for teacher-training school
"The non-profit Academy for Urban School Leadership, which operates
the brand new Chicago Academy High School in the citys Portage Park
neighborhood, has received the Gates Foundation open a new West Side high school to be named Renaissance
Academy High School...A spokeswoman for the group says there isnt yet a site for the new
school, nor a guarantee that enough money will be raised to open it.
Chicago Public Schools supports the school in concept, but hasnt yet
formally approved it, a spokesman says."

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