Capital Struggles Not Just A Chicago Problem

Much as we complain about how long it takes to get things done (and how many promised things don't even get started), this piece from the Philly Notebook shows that it's not just parents and communities in Chicago that have trouble keeping district officials on track when it comes to capital improvement projects:

New struggle for parents:  keeping building projects on track Philly Notebook
"This was supposed to be the last winter Barry students would be bused to a
school outside their neighborhood. The Barry
School reconstruction project
has been written into the District's sweeping
capital program for school construction and renovation since May 2003, months
before the school was closed. But District officials maintain that deciding
where to build the new Barry took longer than expected, and so projected
opening of the $30.2 million new building has slid back from September 2006 to
September 2008 at the earliest."

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