Can Dallas & Stewart Get Their Act Together Before AFT Time?

New documents! After what seems like weeks of delay, M. Stewart has finally issued a letter to the members of the CTU. In it, Stewart claims to be implementing efforts to right the organization's budget, making progress in her efforts against T. Dallas, and to be unconcerned about his "frivolous" lawsuit against her.

But the letter didn't reassure at least one anonymous tipster, who sent me the link to the doucument and noted that there's no indication that Stewart's efforts to oust Dallas were blocked by the court. According to the letter-sender, there will be more charges brought against Dallas on Monday. I'm trying to figure out if that's true and what the new charges will be.

What do you think? Hillary and Barack seem to be on a path to resolve their differences and get their acts together before the DNC convention in Denver, but what about Dallas and Stewart? They've only got a few weeks before the AFT comes to town, and you can imagine how PO'd the national will be if this ends up being the story instead of the inauguration of Randi Weingarten.

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