Burr Elementary: The "Next Great Neighborhood School"?

A Burr parent writes in to tell about a meeting tomorrow and good things going on at the school:


Thursday (12/18) Burr Elementary, a neighborhood magnet cluster in

Bucktown is holding its first ever town hall meeting with Alderman

Flores and the CPS Office of Academic Enhancement (at 6pm) to discuss

how to take the already engaged and active school to the next level.

This is a rare chance for the community to plan Burr's future, with an

expected announcement and strategy session with the Office of Academic

Enhancement on the direction of Burr.


was one of the schools in jeopardy of closing due to low attendance

just a couple yeas back. This year, the school's pre-k doubled in size

(added two additional classrooms) as word got out that this is the next

great neighborhood school. The Burr community is actively pursuing new

opportunities for the school with the newly-formed (well attended and

growing) Friends of Burr, along with its existing active PTO and LSC.Everyone is invited to come on Thursday to help shape the future of the school."

Are things going as well as they sound at Burr? Or, is Burr another Ravenswood in the making? And while we're talking about Bucktown, what's the latest on Pulaski ES, which at one point was struggling to find and keep kids.

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