Budget Update from State School News Service

Jim Broadway and the folks at SSNS have all the deets on the budget and its education implications:

The foundation level of school funding would rise by $387 per student to a
new level of $5,721 under SB 1132, the 932-page state budget, and SB 194, the
education budget implementation act, late Wednesday and early Thursday. An
update has been posted at the SSNS Online newsletter page:

We will update the page further today (Thursday) and provide more details
of the budget's impact in Friday's newsletter. The short version is that the
session is far from over. There is little chance that the Senate will concur
with House amendments to the two bills, or that the governor would sign them in
any case.
Another major bill passed early this morning (1:15 a.m.), was SB 13, a
property tax measure that extended the "7% solution" as an artificial tax
assessment cap on residential properties rapidly rising in sale value. The bill
will shift the burden to the owners of lower-valued properties, and to business
properties, and will also result in some loss of property tax dollars to schools
in the affected areas.

More to come -- including (I hope) what if anything is happening with the charter cap, the LSC reform, etc.

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