Broke Down School Buildings Near Little Village HS

Washburne_trade_school1This is from last month, but I missed it.  Some folks in Little Village want the Board to clean up its act -- specifically the abandoned set of buildings including Washburne Tech (pictured).  Read all about it in the Chi-Town Daily News. 

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  • did you see what UNO did to the Miseracordia building. the newspaper said they spent 16million and look at the amazing rehab they did their. why would anybody say no to a new school? I heard that UNO is also finally opening up a high school. ITS ABOUT TIME! if CPS cant provide quality education for our students, and the alderman builds schools that half our community cant attend... why not let a credible organization open up a school??? its a no brainer. LV would be lucky to have them come in!

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