Brett Schaeffer's News From Philly

Former Chicago education writer and current Philly resident Brett Schaeffer writes in with what I hope will be a series of tidbits about how our guy Paul is doing this first week of school in Philadelphia:

The Community Parternship School, which is supported by the suburban
prep school Germantown Academy, (Mike Richter's alma mater, btw.
Richter? Ice hockey? New York Rangers? Anyone?) and the Microsoft
School both are evidence of a willingness for experimentation that has
been part of the overall Vallas era
- from privatization to increasing
the number of charters.  No evidence that any of it is improving
outcomes  - Edison's Philly test scores slipped a notch last year
- but it boosts perception, and that is Vallas's trademark.

City Controller flunks schools for safety:  Round two between Butkovitz and Vallas - and this could go 15. First
Butkovitz went after Vallas's inner-circle - which revealed Cozette
s cozy salary-and-expense deal (and forced her to pay back some
travel money she received from the district). Now, Alan (Ahab)
Butkovitz is going after the condition of the schools. It's not going
to be pretty for Paul (White Whale) Vallas

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