Boston Consulting Piles It All On Arne

The reorg plan is finally out -- I'll scan it in tonight if I can't get an electronic version. 

Probably the biggest surprise (to me, at least) is that it breaks up Vitale's empire into several smaller fiefdoms reporting directly to Arne, with no obvious slot for Vitale himself (and confirmation that he's transitioning out). 

Second biggest surprise?  I don't know.  Maybe that Bugler is still there.

The rest pretty much goes along with what most of you were telling
me:  They took high schools away from BEW, leaving her with research,
special ed, early childhood, and elementary.  Curriculum is gone.
Domingo -- retired but on contract -- is head of elementary under her.

They bumped Melissa Megliole and AAMPS up to a direct report to
Arne, along with high schools, new schools, and the remnants of the
Vitale empire (broken up into four offices). 

Frankly, it seems like way too many direct reports to Arne -- like he's taking on lots of Vitale's stuff directly now.

They say they're also clearing out a bunch of reports to him --
Pickens, Whalen, Cunningham, Jose Alvarez  -- but those are much
smaller projects or offices, and most are going to keep on going right
into Arne's office anyway. 

There's lots left undone:  Hosanna's still doing both COS and new
schools.  That can't last.  They still have to figure out what to do
with the literacy and math and science offices, as well as OLCA
(bilingual ed). 

I don't think that external affairs (which includes intergov,
partnerships, community relations, communications, etc.) has been
filled.  It's now a direct report to Arne. 

And there are a bunch of new offices -- school support services and
enterprise services, for example -- that will house much of the former
Vitale empire (Runcie, Murphy, et al.) -- but don't have anyone named
to run them yet. 

Perhaps most importantly, there's nothing in the plan so far about
where AIOs fit or how their role may be supposed to change.  Obviously,
they'll be more powerful if the curriculum offices are gone.
Officially at least they're supposed to report into Domingo/BEW
(elementaries) and Pittman (high schools).

What else?  What did I miss?

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