Board's New Payroll Ponzi Scheme

A teacher writes in about her concerns about the payroll situation:

"Perhaps I'm wrong on this one- but I feel like there is something

awfully fishy going on with this new payroll thing. Supposedly we're

getting paid 5 days from our summer pay on May 1. Then on May 8 we will

get a check for 2 weeks and from then on out ESP's and teachers will be

paid on the same day. Because they are taking 5 days out from our

summer pay we will lose a day from every summer paycheck and get paid 9

days instead of 10. I could be wrong but I feel the board is trying to

pull a fast one on us and I haven't seen it mentioned on the blog yet.

I was one of the people that had numerous problems when PeopleSoft was

rolled out. I'm skeptical of what is going on. Isn't anyone else?"

You classroom teachers with your constant complaints about getting paid on time (and in full) for the work that you do :-)

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