Board-Paid LLTs On The Way Out?

It will surprise few that, starting next year, more schools will probably have to pay for their own lead literacy teachers (LLTs) or let them go.  Budgetary limits are one probable reason, as well as the expense and uncertain impact of the LLTs on the schools where they work. 

Originally called literacy coaches, LLTs were hired to support the reading initiative and guide classroom teachers on how to teach literacy. However, not all were fully qualified at the start, and many -- at least according to what I hear -- never really got into teachers' classrooms and improved their instruction.

Others will know better, but some schools have had two LLTs, for upper and lower grades, and in some cases at least one of them has been paid for by the Board.  Schools on probation were, for a time at least, required to use some of their own money to pay for LLTs.  But I'm not sure how long that lasted or whether it was fully implemented.

Me, I'd probably rather have a parent coordinator or another classroom teacher.  But that's just me.

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