Blogger Thinks Opposing School Closings Wins Big

In his blog School Matters, the occasionally intolerable Jim Horn argues that Democratic officials -- especially those with presidential aspirations -- would do well to oppose school closings (aka "privatization") if they want to win. 

"So far the privatization scheme [in Chicago] is entirely on
schedule with not a peep from Democratic politicians, who should be
taking the lead to inform their constituents as the first next step in
preserving public education. The first one of the presidential wannabes
to make this her issue will be the winner. Bet me." Privatization Heats Up in Chicago

I'll bet you, Jim.  Being for chronically low-performing schools, whether they're orderly and well-liked by parents or not, is no winner, politically or morally.  That's why the schools are being closed in Chicago -- by Democrats. That's why no sane Presidential candidate would bring the issue up, much less win on it. 

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