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Over at Teach and Learn, Michael Lach discusses how the American sweep of science Nobel Prizes "highlights some of the inequities in our educational system."

Mike Klonsky at Small Talk ponders how USA Today's All-USA Teachers Team "could be so white and so suburban."

Meanwhile, Teacher X calls attention to the fact that the Consortium's revised figures on the number CPS students moving on to college is "STILL DISMAL."

And Teachers Speak Out has the scoop (and video) on the Lincoln Park LSC meeting called in response to the controversy surrounding Bernie Eshoo's dismissal.

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  • copy of letter to Micheal Vaughn....

    Dear Mr. Vaughn

    I read, with interest, your comments about your/the Bd. disappointed over the Curie HS LSC vote.

    A comparable situation occurred at Lincoln Park in the early fall. Nearly

    900 students signed a support petition and the vast majority of staff members supported my reinstatement, the Friends of LPHS group supported me - as well as many parents, alumni, and community members.

    When we contacted to the Bd . for assistance, it turned its back and hid

    behind the process. You were televised with statements supporting the fact the process of my termination was handled in a correct manner.

    Now that it is a

    well regarded competent administrator being terminated, you/the Bd. find it a disappointing and regrettable situation.

    You/the Bd. should not flip flop on your evaluation of theprocess; it makes you and the Bd. members appear to be hypocrites.

    Ms. Bernie Eshoo

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