Blog Roundup: The Wire, Dues, Charters, and Combatting The Gates Scourge

First off, Mike Klonsky at Small Talk takes note of the strong message accompanying the premiere of HBO's new season of "The Wire, which takes place in large part in a Baltimore middle school.  He says "the number of youth casualities is much larger than the toll from 9/11." 

Meanwhile, Chicago Teachers Speak Out posts a letter from a source "deep inside the last hour delegates meeting" which not surprisingly criticizes Stewart and her posse about the raise in CTU dues.

Teacher X sounds off about Rufus Williams, Tim King and Urban Prep

Over at Teach and Learn, Mike Lach points us to a letter on the Gates Foundation in the latest District Administration that is "insightful and critical--a real surprise for a magazine that's generally filled with product reviews and fluff."

Always the joker, Lach also links to news from The Onion about a new counter-philanthropy effort against Gates efforts:   U.S. Dedicates $64 Billion To Undermining Gates Foundation Efforts

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