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A look at what folks are saying about CPS right now:

Subjective Thoughts on Decatur CPS Obsessed


commenter here has been offered a spot at Decatur with a few days to

decide about it so I thought I’d offer up my thoughts on the place.

What is a Chicago charter school and why is it eating the neighborhood? Examiner


in the midst of this weekend’s horrifying news reports about an

international flu epidemic, a resurgence of violence in Iraq, and the

demise of the only thing in Detroit that their citizens could take

pride in, the Pistons, . . .

What's Next for Washburne Trade School Site? Patrick Barry

It's been holding the corner of 31st and Kedzie since 1910, a whale of a building and a nice-looking one, too.

Update on HB 363 PURE

Looks as though HB 363 did not move out of

the Senate Education committee today, which may be a good thing, since

some advocates of the bill were caught off guard when it was called to

be considered at the committee meeting yesterday.

Ask The Green Mama: Better School Lunches Chicago Mom


Green Mama, I'm a school teacher in Chicago. After researching our CPS

lunches, I am concerned about recalled meat and rGBH that may be in our

students’ food and drink. Chartwells is our present vendor. Is there a


March of the children Newstips


from families that have been affected by raids and deportations will be

up front in La Marcha de Los Ninos, starting at 6 p.m. tonight

(Thursday, April 30) at Jackson and Michigan and proceeding to the

field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 210 S. Clark.

Nitty-Gritty Midterm Exam for Local Aldermen Martiza

"Are our representatives up to

the task of telling the mayor 'no' once in a while?" The answer is a

resounding no.

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