Black Superintendents, Ren10 $$ Response, & LSC Call For Action

Less than a week after Education Week runs a cover story about why there are so few black female district superintendents (Race, Gender, and the Superintendency), Evanston has apparently passed over one such candidate in favor of a white man (PDF via CPS).

Meanwhile, Arne Duncan and Don Lubin go on the counteroffensive in Crain's, claiming that they've raised more than enough money and that Ren10 is doing just fine (blurry PDF via CPS not my fault).  As you may recall, Crain's published a fairly critical report a week or two ago pointing out -- as others had before -- that the fundraising for Ren10 wasn't necessarily going so well.

At today's Board meeting, a group of 26 community organizations is going to call on the Board to ramp up its efforts to recruit LSC candidates and "save" the upcoming LSC Election by sending $500K to community groups instead of the current $20K for community outreach. "This
amount is much smaller than grants available in previous years," according to the press release. "As of last week there are less than 600 candidates
signed up to runfor LSC, or only one-tenth of the number needed to fill all
LSC seats.This number significantly lags behind past years candidate
totals at this point in the process."

From PURE:  Find the basics for the April 19-20 LSC election on PURE's web site,, including the user-friendly PURE Guide to the LSC
Election 2006 in English and Spanish, and PURE's election workshop
schedule.  New Winter 2005-06 /Tips and Updates for LSCs/ has just
been posted --

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