Biz School Review of CPS

Those of you who loved the BCG org charts of this past spring will love to read a case study from Harvard about CPS that I just came across.  (You, too, can send me things you come across -- just set up a free gmail or yahoo account and fire away -- I won't know who you are and neither will anyone else.)

The report -- 40 pages of PDF -- is all about the reorg, and is very biz-school in its approach.  There's little about schools or instruction, and -- even more disappointing -- no clear analysis of the CPS efforts to revamp and support schools better than in the past.  But there's lots of information, some of which may be new.  You can download it here (PDF). 

CPS is among 9 districts that have participated in this type of effort, the result of a collaboration between the ed school and biz schools at Harvard

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