Big Turnout For New Schools EXPO

Last week's New Schools EXPO was apparently a big success. The Renaissance Schools Fund sent me the following information: "More than 1,000 Chicagoans braved the freezing temperatures to learn more at the New Schools EXPO on Saturday, February 9th at the Williams Multiplex School, sponsored by Parents for School Choice and the Chicago Public Schools. But if you missed the EXPO, there is still time to do your research and submit applications to many of the more than eighty new school campuses.

..EXPO visitors had the opportunity to meet with new school leaders, apply to new schools on-site, and to attend workshops that covered topics such as: factors to consider when judging school quality, the types of schools being created in Chicago, and to hear from parents whose children attend the new public schools...While many of the new schools are non-selective, many do require applications to be submitted and some of these applications come due this winter...Parents and students interested in learning more about Chicago’s new public schools can call 1-888-7-MYCHOICE or go online to" Were you there? Did you learn anything interesting? How did it go?

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