Big NCLB Study Says Scores Improving

There's lots of news coverage today of a big new study from the Center on Education Policy that purports to show increases in student achievement since 2002, when NCLB was enacted. Check it all out here.

This includes some state by state information, though not every state had enough info.  Here's IL's state information, for all you testing geeks:  Download illinois_profile_cep_0607.doc


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  • I'm curious. Have any teachers out there noticed an improvement in their students in the past 10 years? I would think that just the retention of students who were unable to demonstrate subject mastery (or pass the test, whichever) would have decreased the number of students who are 2 or 3 years behind in class. Has it? If not, why not?

    Has it made students more serious about the state tests? When I was a student, lo these many years ago, we considered those tests something of an at-school holiday as our teachers would remind us that they didn't count.

    Has it made students more serious about their studies out of worry that they'll be retained? Has it made parents more concerned?

    I would think that all of those items would converge to improve the students' motivations but I'm no teacher, so I don't know.

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