Big Museum Education and Curriculum Jobs

Two more area jobs to think about -- one posted, the other not (so far as I can tell):

Museum of Science & Industry VP of Education & Guest Services:  "Were looking for a
seasoned executive who can figure out how to make science interesting and fun,
how to use new technologies to do that, and to develop programs that inspire
kids to reach their highest potential in sciences.The person will be smart,
creative and lively, and have a marketing and customer-service orientation in
addition to abilities in informal learning."

Replacement for Armando: I don't know exactly when Armando Almendarez left, and I don't see any postings for his job, but someone's got to be head of curriculum for CPS and keep the AIOs and those literacy and math science offices in line, right?  This new high schools guy Alson could do it, except he's a high schools guy, and an outsider (and white).   Or Hosanna could do it, but wait she's already got two jobs (and doesn't know that much about curriculum, I don't think).  When you look at the org chart for the Board these days it seems like it's held together with lots of gum and chicken wire. 

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