"Best Or Worst Use of a Restructured Day" Contest

Got any good or really bad stories about PD to tell? 

District 299 is having a contest for "best or worst use of a restructured day in a Chicago public school." 

See below for contest entry requirements. 

Entries must be submitted by Friday, March 31, which is the next
restructured half day on the calendar.  Entries can and probably should
be anonymous unless you've left the system or at least that school, or
unless you're talking about PD that you thought was useful. 

However, entries must identify the type of school (elementary, high
school), the part of town (region, area, North/South), and must explain
why the PD being provided was so bad.  Just because you were hung over
or had stayed up all night burning CDs doesn't count.

A winning entry will make you famous, in an anonymous sort of way,
and will perhaps perhaps shame PD providers into wasting a little less
of everyone's time in the future. 

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