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Arts Office On Junkets To Venezuela & New York City? 9
From a reader:  "What is going on with the new CPS arts team?"

Parents Vs. Parents 13
next thing that may bubble over into the mainstream press is tomorrow's
showdown between the old Citywide Parent Advisory Council and a new,
cyborg version called the "Parent involvement advisory council."

More On Teacher Firings At Wells 33
don't understand all the details, but apparently there's a
little-publicized provision in the new contract that allows some kinds
of teachers to be fired.

Scheduling Snafus Interview 9
Earlier this week, did an hour on the FUBAR scheduling going
on at Wells among other places, including interview with kids at the
school, David Gilligan, and me.

My Enemy's Friend Is My Enemy, Too 36
the charter-hating begin.  CICS celebrated 10 years this weekend, and
WGN and the Tribune -- those ignorant fools -- they covered it.

Chicago Teacher Slams Silence In NYT 5
golden boy Will Okun (a Chicago teacher) has moved from prize-winning
NYT blogger to full-on op-ed writer with today's NYT opinion piece on
the silence thing.  Plus:  Shhh! 8

What Tests Needed To Get Into Skinner? 10
Chicago parent wants to apply to get her son (age 5) into Skinner but
doesn't know the procedure.  Can any of you know-it-alls help us out
:-) ?

Teacher Training, Military Schools 7
Chicago's 'grow your own' teacher training program and military schools are among the largest in the nation.

New Comment Changes 15
changed the comments back to oldest first like they used to be -- sorry
about that.  And I'm instituting a new 500 word comment rule.

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