Best Of The Week (September 10-16)

This Year Vs. Last Year -- How Is It Going? (30)
that the contract vote has passed and the first-days feeling is
starting to fade from the new year, I'm wondering how this year feels
(or is) different from last year.

Broke Down School Buildings Near Little Village HS (25)
Some folks in Little Village want the Board to clean up its act --
specifically the abandoned set of buildings including Washburne Tech

Contract Coverage -- Compare & Contrast (37)Most
of the dailies play it straight, but it's still fun to compare and
contrast their coverage of the contract ratification.  PLUS: CTU Announces Contract Passage - Barely (60), Questions About Monday's Contract Voting Process (93).

Fasting -- Partially -- Against NCLB (8)
As you may know, Jonathan Kozol has made quite a stir online this week
in announcing his "partial" fast in opposition to NCLB, both for and

Struggling High School Given Over To Union Charter Schools

The Los Angeles Board of Education voted Tuesday to turn over one of
the city's most troubled high schools to a charter school organization,
marking the first time an outside group will run a traditional public
school in Los Angeles.

Everybody Loves A Good Attendance Story... (11)
...but not everyone can spell "truant."

Chicago Rapper's Song Might Be Good Campaign Anthem (4)
Real-World Teacher, Parent, & Student Blogs? (3)
Districts Using Subs To Get Around Federal HQT Requirements (5)
$23 Million In Federal Parent Involvement Funds Mis-Allocated?
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