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Why This LSC, School, & Principa -- And What's To Be Donel? (48 comments so far)

051128_nearnorthramoslgContentious decisions about principals who some think are worthy is nothing new for CPS, which has some folks wondering why the Curie situation has blown up so big -- not just on this blog since January but in the press the last two weeks -- and why the Board and Mayor have intervened here when they could have intervened in any number of other situations?

Daley Going To Curie LSC Mtg. (72 comments so far)
I'm told that the Mayor is planning to attend the next Curie LSC meeting which is going to be this Saturday, March 10, at 8 am.  Now won't that be interesting if it happens.

Should The LSC Law Be Changed? (39 comments so far)
I wish I'd been there to see the Curie folks protest at the Board meeting last week, or to hear the Mayor complain about what's happening, but what jumps out at me is just how much the situation -- a strong principal ousted by an LSC for uncertain reasons -- undercuts folks' perceptions of LSCs...

Is This The New State Superintendent? (11 comments so far)

Bloandean_davis Rumors are swirling around about who might be the new ISBE state superintendent, and one of the ones you'll hear if you keep you ear to the ground is none other than...Blondean Davis. 

Stewart on Test Scores (23 comments so far)
From Marilyn Stewart:  "Today's students face unprecedented challenges -- challenges they bring with them into the classroom and which make teaching difficult.  Yet, our teachers succeed. The current test scores reflect the true dedication, commitment, and quality of Chicago Public School teachers.

Teachers in crisis: 1 school, 16 assaults (27 comments so far)
I think Vallas's biggest failing - aside from the $75-$100 million deficit - has been not making Philly's schools safe. The  Inquirer goes front page, top-of-the-fold with the latest teacher assault story: Teachers in crisis: 1 school, 16 assaults.

Did Obama Really Run The Chicago Annenberg Challenge? (4 comments so far)
This EdWeek story claims, somewhat mysteriously to me, that Barack Obama was deeply involved in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge -- something I never heard of when I was researching a long report on the CAC in 2001, and never heard since.

What Teachers Do For Fun

Curiehomepage_2006 There's a great youth radio program, Curie Youth Radio, that's been on NPR and WBEZ several times, and one of the best pieces I've found -- thanks (and congrats) to my friend Dan -- is called THE DARKLY DISTURBING TRUTH ABOUT WHAT TEACHERS DO   FOR FUN (mp3 download).

Making Fun Of ISAT Test Increases
Those mean folks at the Fordham Foundation are making fun of our test score increases (The Education Gadfly): 

Breaking News

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