Best Of The Week (March 31-April 4)

Problems At Washington HS?

More than

two weeks after word started leaking out that things were going awry at

Washington, the mainstream news has finally come onto the scene to

begin reporting it.. (206) Comments

New Golden Apple Foundation Scholars Announced


itself the largest pre-service teacher-support program in the nation,

Golden Apple on Monday announced 125 GAF scholars -- 45 from Chicago.

CLTV Series On Teen Violence Next Week


the wake of a rash of deaths involving Chicago Public Schools students,

CLTV is airing a week of live special programs created to take a closer

look at the issue.

"Deadly Lessons" is a live interactive program airing each weeknight

evening the week of April 7."

Complaints About Principal Eligibility & Support?


an email and picture going around over the past week or so that seems

to have come originally from someone named Ted Williams and to refer to

John Butterfield. I think they're both in OPPD. (8) Comments

Questions About Budget Allocations & Parent Contributions

A parent recently sent in this email from the principal at Alcott about the recent budget allocations:

"We again received minimum funding, and our staff allotment was reduced by 1.5 teachers." (6) Comments

Catalyst High School Summit Next Week


Catalyst Chicago "High School Summit II" is taking place next week,

featuring Arne Duncan and Washington Post Education reporter Jay


Obama & Education -- Then & Now


article about Obama's role in the 1999 LSC debate is just out on Slate

(Chicago school days). Thanks to those of you who helped me research

it, even though many of you will not like my interpretation of what

happened. (17) Comments

Play That Funky Music, White Boy

If you've never read Jonathan Lethem's 2003 novel Fortress of Solitude,

it's not too late. The novel is about a white boy sent to school in a

rough part of Brooklyn in the 1970s at the insistence of his hippy

artist parents.

DonorsChoose, the New York Times, & Victor Harbison

Today's New York Times includes a blog post about Chicago teacher (and District 299 regular) Victor Harbison. (3) Comments

Graduation Gaps & Promotion Power

There's a big push on dropout prevention going on in DC this week that isn't in the Chicago press yet that I've found.

Schools With Decent Autism Programs In CPS?


a reader: " I have a son who is eight, and will be aging out of Daniel

C Beard (a wonderful school) in one year. Do you know which schools on

the North Side have decent autism programs?" (7) Comments

WANTED: More Turnaround Organizations

Catalyst magazine (which sponsors this blog) has a new

article up about the difficult search for folks willing to take on the

challenge of turning around low-performing schools (Anyone want a turnaround?).

PLUS: Daily News Roundup

PLUS: CTU Update (100s of comments)

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