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ISAT Week Update

How did it go at your schools? (6) Comments

Who Really Runs Your School?

Sometimes it's the clerk,

or the programmer.

CPS Paying $6-7 For Each LSC Candidate"


candidate recruited will be worth

an additional $6 or $7, up to a total grant of $2,500, says Jose

Alvarez, director of external affairs and LSC relations," according to

this new Catalyst story (Seeking 10,000 LSC candidates). (7) Comments

Why Board Members Never Waver


the Chicago Reader's Ben Jarovsky:

I'm still looking for board members to be

as tough with the mayor as they are with parents, teachers, and

students. Just once I'd like to hear a school official tell the mayor,

"We know change is hard to take, but we need that TIF money to educate

our students."

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What Happened At The CTU House Of Delegates Mtg.


below for the press release and the resolution language itself.

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Waffling On Vouchers Cost Obama Ohio


Obama's back and forth about vouchers cost him the Buckeye State?

There's absolutely no real evidence of that.

Viva Vallas!


Vallas events through NU's School of Education and Public

Policy: Paul Vallas

speaking on Monday 3/3 on "Public Education: The Quest for Equality"

and a Chicago Education Panel

Discussion with CPS teachers (among others) on Wednesday 3/5. (16) Comments

First Books Expands


folks at the Community Media Workshop have news about a new / expanded

program to give kids books to take home and have for themselves,

something that as you may know many don't have. (3) Comments

February Board Meeting / Protest Videos

Here is a

video clip of some of the event that I heard about from TSJ:

There are four other videos as well.

Single-Sex Education Saves The World

Of course, we already have a school or two that's single-sex and de

facto all-black. Right? (3) Comments

Beaten By A Golf Club At Crane HS


person was critically wounded in a shooting and a second was beaten

with a golf club as Crane Tech Prep Community School was letting out on

Chicago s West Side on Friday afternoon

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"Every school day, there is small joy."

"Ask dedicated and passionate

educators about their favorite aspect of teaching, and the answer is

always the same: the students. Every school day, there is small joy."

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