Best Of The Week March (18-25)

The Week Before Spring Break (19 comments so far)
One week until Spring Break for CPS students, teachers, and parents. What do you have to get done before next Friday (a half day, BTW) the 29th, and what are you going to do during the break (which lasts until the 9th of April and is just a week before the end of the marking period)?

What's Going On At Lawrence Elementary? (115 comments so far)
What's going on at Robert H. Lawrence Elementary School for Mathematics and Science?  According to a letter sent to Arne Duncan earlier this week by one of the school's teachers (see below), it's certainly got some problems, which the teacher lays squarely at the feet of the principal, Jewel McClinton.

Banning Cloned...Charters (45 comments so far)
Cloned_sheep Forget banning cloned food or cloned sheep.  How about banning cloned charter schools?  That's what the CTU and others are trying to do, according to this email:

When Private School Parents Go Public (29 comments so far)
Crains_story_2 What happens when children whose parents have sent them to private schools during elementary school apply -- and get into -- elite public high schools in CPS?

About that Crain's Article . . . (2 comments so far)
It might not be the switch from private to public that's irksome to public school parents in Chicago, but the polarizing high-school admission process itself.

One ISAT A Day Keeps Fatigue Away? (15 comments so far)
Isat_logo One of the most interesting posts on the ISAT 2007 thread (How Are They Going?) started last week actually just came in last night.  It's from an anonymous teacher or administrator at a school that has done what may or may not be an unusual scheduling setup for the ISATs -- one test per day.

Did The Tribune's Eric Zorn Go "Agley" In Criticizing LSCists? (17 comments so far)
Zorn Over at Small Talk, Mike Klonsky takes aim at the hullabaloo surrounding LSCs (Aiding & abetting the enemy), arguing that abandoning LSCs would return schools to the days of City Hall patronage appointments, slamming the Tribune's Eric Zorn...

Credit Where Credit's Due (3 comments so far)
Wbez_logo It is, as you can imagine, something of an uphill battle to get "real" media outlets (newspapers, etc.) to mention, much less credit, District 299 for its work -- yours and mine -- unearthing and exploring education issues in Chicago.

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