Best Of The Week (March 17-21)

School Closing Hearing Video

There's something for everyone in this video -- student protesters

outside Clark Street, a little bit of George Schmidt in front of a map

of the city, some snippets about Gladstone and gentrification, Marily

Stewart using the phrase "fait accompli" (correctly), and Rufus

Williams in french cuffs claiming that the Board isn't just

rubber-stamping things. (7) Comments

Problems At Washington HS?

I got this very upset email from a reader about what's going on with

the new principal at Washington HS (Florence Gonzalez) -- anyone know

the inside scoop or want to help the rest of us understand? (75) Comments

Insufficient Candidates At 180 Schools, LSC Deadline Extended

"PURE has made a preliminary estimate that there are 59 schools where

there are no candidates at all, or too few to form an LSC if the election were held today. In addition, there are some 120 schools where there are not enoughcandidates to fill all available slots." (12) Comments

Another CPS Magnet Mess-Up?

Things may have gone awry --again -- with the magnet school

notification system, according to a parent who kindly wrote in to

describe the problem. (18) Comments

Spring Break Plans -- And What About Next Year?

It's Spring Break. Finally. What are you planning to do when you're not here, reading and responding?

Improving The Brand Of The Best Urban District In The US


the new few months, we will continue to provide updates on the progress

of this project and more importantly, the new messaging standards and

processes that will accompany such a tremendous initiative.We are very

excited for this project to help the District further establish itself

as the premier urban school district in the United States."

(3) Comments

New Chicago Principals -- The Quiz

I bet that most of you overestimate previous experience, overestimate

the percentage who are men, underestimate the Hispanic percentage, and

underestimate the age. (12) Comments

High School Transformation, Marshall, & More

Hot on the heels of its March issue, which I'm still trying to digest,

here's another slew of articles from Catalyst about HST and Marshall

and the state of CPS high schools. (2) Comments

No More Mr. Nice Guy From CPS Budget Office

What I learned from John Myers' explanation of his big new Catalyst cover story is that, until now, schools got to keep money if they don't meet

projected enrollment but struggle to get more money if they exceed the

projections. (8) Comments

PLUS: Morning News Roundups and Around The Blogs (15 comments) & What Other Blogs Have To Say (12 comments)

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