Best Of The Week (July 30-August 3)

Budget Shaping Up
The state budget impasse may be breaking quickly, according to this update from States School News Service:

Charters In Chicago & New Orleans
The great irony of many complaints about charts in Chicago is
that its charter schools are among the smallest, most tightly screened
set of charters in the nation, with few of the major disasters that
have bedeviled charter schools in other cities. 

Replacing Obama
"What if Barack Obama makes it
to the White House? Who will become Illinois’ junior senator?" asks Chicago Magazine (August 2007).  "We talked to some political insiders and came up
with a list of contenders."

Inside Scoop On AQS High School [Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy]
A friend of a friend wants to know what the inside scoop is on
AQS's sole high school, Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. 

Mystery Timeline
Here's a draft timeline sent in by a reader about the proposed
Mirta Ramirez-Moos space sharing plan.  I'm not sure what to make of
it, or even if it's authentic.  How about you?

Obama In Springfield
Others may know better, but the only thing I can think to add to today's New York Times profile is that, while he was there, he apparently helped rebuff the
Daley-Vallas effort to give the Board the power to override LSC hiring
decisions, and helped put in the "arbitrary and capricious" language
that protects LSCs from having their decisions over-ruled -- so far. 

New Report Praises Teacher Transfers, Slams Teacher Evaluation
Hoping to influence the legislature or the contract
negotiations or both, there's a new Joyce-funded report from The New
Teacher Project out today on teacher ratings, hiring, and all the rest.

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