Best Of The Week (July 16-22)

Campaigns & Clout
 More Killed In CPS Than In Iraq (15)
The latest use of the Chicago dead kids story is by Barack Obama, who
points out that more kids have died in Chicago during 2007 than
servicemen and women from Illinois during the same period.

City Gives Latin Sweetheart Soccer Deal (9)
For years, the Latin School had to
suffer the indignity of not having its own athletic field -- despite
being right across from some prime Lincoln Park facilities.

Teachers & Teaching
"United We Bargain, Divided We Beg" (52)
"The Chicago Teachers Union and the Board have been meeting continuously over the past several months."

125 S. Clark Street
Board Hosts LSC Meeting Tomorrow -- I Think (35)
A reader tells me that there's a meeting tomorrow AM about LSCs, but I haven't been able to confirm it yet.

Holding Back Principals, Not Holding Back 8th Graders (5)
I've heard from a couple of folks now that the Board may be holding back
contracts from principals who have been hired by their LSCs, and not
holding back 8th graders who are over-age or sending them to
Achievement Academies.

Schools & Communities
 Leadership Showdown At Drummond Elementary(28)
I hear from a little birdie that they're down to three principal
candidates at Drummond Elementary in Bucktown, which may be one of the
most popular neighborhood schools outside of Nettlehorst.

Rehabbing The Back Of The Yards -- Big Picture Kids Have Ideas
Last week's Chicago Reader has a piece on efforts to revamp the Back of
the Yards neighborhood and the ideas some kids from Big Picture high
school came up with when they studied the problem

Foundations & Reform Groups
The U Of C's Education Efforts -- Better, Worse, or About The Same? (13)
Check out this week's EdWeek commentary from UofC education honcho Tim
Knowles and others about the UofC's education initiative, which has
grown like kudzu over the past couple of years.

Outside CPS
Want Integration? Blend City, Suburban Districts (10)
Activists in New York are proposing a new, blended attendance system
for the New York metropolitan area as an antidote to increasing
segregation in city schools, according to this New York Sun article.

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