Best Of The Week (January 7-13)

High School Transformation Heads North?

The effort to upgrade and coordinate high school curricula is on the march, according to this reader from Mather HS:

New Faces At New Schools

Check out the comings and goings in the office of new

schools, including the departure of someone named Tabaha Koylass to

work on turnaround schools.

Pics & Video Of Greeley

There's lots more of the Bush visit to Greeley over at Substance, including pics and even video, along with an article.

Bush Teaches Chicago Students How To Figure Out Volumes & Surface Areas

From this picture, it almost looks like President Bush is teaching class.

Where Was Arne?

You could see Mayor Daley, Rahm Emmanuel, and even Carlos Azcoitia Jr.

in many of the pics from Monday's visit from President Bush, but not

much of Arne or Rufus.

Alinsky, Obama, & Clinton

This 2007 Washington Post article focuses on Obama's

background as a Chicago organizer, pointing out that both he and Clinton were fascinated with famous organizer Saul Alinski.

Same Old Waiting Game, But With A New Face


in some back room they're spinning those lottery wheels at the Board to

see who gets to go to what magnet, selective, and classic schools, but

it's not the same person in charge as before.

Rochelle Lee Application Time

The application deadline is February 15, 2008.

Students Go Political In New Hampshire


a new blog detailing the adventures of Mikva Challenge students from

Chicago who are in New Hampshire meeting with candidates and learning

about politics.

CTU Members Unquestioning, Uninformed?

Former CTU union head Debbie Lynch made this top education quotes for 2007 list with the following.

.Warning. The alarm sound currently coming from your computer means

that you have been flagged for visiting a monitored website during

school hours and/or from a CPS computer.

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