Best Of The Week (January 22-29)

Keeping New Teachers (14 comments so far)
"Strong levels
of mentoring and support for new teachers regardless of whether it was
part of a formal induction programgreatly improved teachers'
experiences and intentions to continue teaching."Tom_ramos_curie_hs_lsc

What's Going On At Curie High? (71 comments so far!)
Speaking of LSCs (see below), I hear from a reader that there's a fight brewing at Curie HS between the principal and a faction of the LSC.  (pictured:  Tom Ramos, LSC chair)  Plus: Whatever Happened To Walter Pilditch?

School-Level Comments From Parents & Others (11 comments so far)
There are other sites that let you do this, but this one seems easy to
use and fairly clear.  It includes public and private schools, and
tells you what you're looking at when you mouse over the school icon.
Each school profile has information from, and - -the
best part -- parent comments. Plus:  Knitting Together North Lawndale & Little Village

Yee-Haw! Another Day Without Those Damn Kids (8 comments so far)
to my handy-dandy CPS calendar, Friday is yet another PD Day (as well
as being the end of the quarter).  In the meantime, a friend writes in
to ask whatever happened to ongoing coursework for teachers:

Harcourt Messes Up On Testing -- Again (7 comments so far)
normally reliable reader sends in word from the Office of Research and
Evaluation that there's been a small mixup from Harcourt on the Winter
Learning First reports -- mislabeling them as Fall scores.

Breaking News
*Struggling principals targeted Tribune
*Bush school rule changes affect Chicago Tribune
*More charter schools pitched Sun Times
*A look at the Big Picture
*Despite denials, records show mayor dipped finger into hiring
*School District Courts Teachers on Incentive Pay

*Many new CPS teachers get no help, study finds

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